2D Platformer 'The Cub' Brings 'INSIDE' Vibes To Switch

6 months ago 15

"Inspired by classical SEGA games of the '90s"

A caller 2D platformer volition beryllium making its mode to Switch courtesy of steadfast Untold Tales and developer Demagog Studio. The Cub tells the communicative of a young lad who, unsocial connected a desolate mentation of Earth, indispensable flight the clutches of the humans who person agelong since escaped to Mars.

Its gameplay reminds america a batch of PlayDead's INSIDE (albeit with a somewhat rosier aesthetic), with a crisp absorption connected platforming and avoiding creatures and obstacles. Despite this, developer Demagog Studio states that crippled takes inspiration from classical SEGA games of the '90s, including The Jungle Book, Aladdin, and The Lion King; chances are it'll beryllium a reasonably challenging experience, then.

And however astir that trailer music! Beautiful stuff.

Here's a rundown of the crippled from its authoritative Steam page:

"Challenging level parkour inspired by classical SEGA games of the 90s - The Jungle Book, Aladdin, Lion King – but with modern twists and ideas. Platform parkour done the remains of humanity. Outwit evolved wildlife and unsafe hybrid flora. Crack biology puzzles that support you guessing. And enactment 1 measurement up of the wicked humans who pursuing you successful a twisted apocalyptic safari hunt.

After the Great Ecological Catastrophe, the ultrarich fly to Mars and permission the remainder to perish. But among them a tiny kid w...

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