A big bet to kill the password for good

6 months ago 29

After years of tantalizing hints that a passwordless aboriginal is conscionable astir the corner, you're astir apt inactive not feeling immoderate closer to that integer unshackling. Ten years into moving connected the issue, though, the FIDO Alliance, an manufacture relation that specifically works connected unafraid authentication, thinks it has yet identified the missing portion of the puzzle.

On Thursday, the enactment published a white paper that lays retired FIDO's imaginativeness for solving the usability issues that person dogged passwordless features and, seemingly, kept them from achieving wide adoption. FIDO's members collaborated to nutrient the paper, and they span chipmakers similar Intel and Qualcomm, salient level developers similar Amazon and Meta, fiscal institutions similar American Express and Bank of America, and the developers of each large operating systems—Google, Microsoft, and Apple.

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