A Government Watchdog Found That A Trump-Era US Attorney Showed “Poor Judgment” In Publicly Criticizing His Staff

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WASHINGTON — Scott Brady, who served arsenic a US lawyer successful Pennsylvania nether the Trump administration, exercised “poor judgment” and behaved successful a mode that “was unbecoming of a U.S. Attorney oregon immoderate Department leader, and reflected poorly connected the Department” erstwhile helium publically called retired an lawyer successful his bureau who’d been captious of the Justice Department’s perceived enactment of Trump’s elector fraud claims, a authorities watchdog found.

The details of Brady’s actions arsenic good arsenic his effect to the ailment and probe were laid retired successful a lightly redacted report that the Justice Department’s inspector wide released connected Friday successful effect to a petition nether the Freedom of Information Act. The watchdog bureau recovered that Brady’s actions didn’t interruption immoderate circumstantial policy, regulation, oregon guideline, noting that the DOJ doesn’t person a ceremonial “Standards of Conduct” for US attorneys oregon different high-level officials. But the study represented a nationalist rebuke.

Brady, who was confirmed arsenic the US lawyer for the Western District of Pennsylvania successful precocious 2017, stepped down from the presumption successful February 2021. As the inspector general’s bureau noted, the information that he’d near the section meant determination wasn’t immoderate different disciplinary enactment that the DOJ could take. He’s a spouse astatine the instrumentality steadfast Jones Day, wherever he’d worked earlier erstwhile president Donald Trump nominated him. He did not instantly instrumentality a petition for comment.

The events that led to the ailment against Brady started the week aft predetermination time successful November. On Nov. 9, then–attorney wide Bill Barr issued a mem...

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