A Jan. 6 Defendant Texted And Recorded His Way Through Jan. 6. The Jury Got To See It All.

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Lev Radin / Pacific Press / LightRocket via Getty Images

Insurrectionists and constabulary officers clash astatine the Capitol gathering connected Jan. 6, 2021.

WASHINGTON — The assemblage successful the archetypal Jan. 6 proceedings spent Thursday proceeding from authorities witnesses that suspect Guy Reffitt wasn’t conscionable recorded connected camera astatine the US Capitol — helium described his plans, actions, and motivations successful item successful dozens of texts, a video helium recorded from his ain helmet-mounted camera, and an audio signaling that his lad secretly made erstwhile helium returned home.

Reffitt is facing a five-count indictment for participating successful the Jan. 6 insurrection, including charges that helium carried a pistol connected his hep arsenic helium tried to marque his mode up a stairway successful beforehand of the Capitol and that helium threatened his children aboriginal not to crook him successful to national investigators. The time before, the government’s presumption to the assemblage had focused connected the ocular grounds of Reffitt’s beingness astatine the Capitol. On Thursday, it was each astir his ain words.

The time ended with grounds from Reffitt's son, Jackson Reffitt, who bolstered the government's lawsuit with firsthand grounds astir his father's messages and mindset astir the clip of the insurrection — and who described the affectional and familial fallout of his determination to cooperate with national authorities. Reffitt cried erstwhile Jackson took the stand, according to a excavation newsman successful the room. The 19-year-old Jackson said helium didn't regret his determination to stock accusation with the FBI, but besides spoke astir the guilt and sadness helium felt.

Throughout the morning, the assemblage saw dozens of messages — immoderate regular texts, immoderate sent via the Telegram app — that the FBI pull...

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