A New York Times Editor Explained How He Published A False Line Linking Sarah Palin To A Mass Shooting

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James Bennet, the erstwhile apical exertion of the New York Times’ sentiment section, began testifying Tuesday astir however helium came to insert a enactment into an editorial that falsely suggested a transportation betwixt a deadly shooting and the governmental enactment committee of Sarah Palin — a enactment which prompted the former Alaska politician to writer the paper for libel.

Speaking earlier a justice and assemblage successful a national courtroom successful downtown Manhattan, Bennet took work for the erroneous language, but explained however helium had been moving against a choky people deadline. He besides testified that the archetypal writer did not cheque successful large item the revisions helium had made erstwhile helium sent her backmost the revised draft, known arsenic a “playback.”

“This is my fault. I wrote those sentences, and I'm not looking to displacement the blasted to anyone else,” Bennet told the court, earlier adding, “But this is wherefore we nonstop playbacks to writers. They’re the ones who reported the story, reviewed the facts.”

Bennet, who had antecedently been editor-in-chief of the Atlantic, was 1 of the astir almighty radical successful American media acknowledgment to his prestigious relation astatine the apical of the Times' sentiment section. But helium resigned from his job successful June 2020 amid contention implicit the work of an op-ed by Sen. Tom Cotton which called for the subject to beryllium deployed against anti–police brutality protesters. Bennet admitted helium did not personally work the Cotton portion earlier it was published, and the Times said it fe...

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