A Surprise Name Came Up At The Sarah Palin V. New York Times Trial: Kathy Griffin

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The 9 assemblage members who volition determine Sarah Palin’s defamation suit against the New York Times were treated to a voyeuristic, behind-the-scenes look astatine the interior workings of the newspaper’s editorial section connected Friday.

In a national courtroom successful downtown Manhattan, Times writer Elizabeth Williamson testified successful exhaustive item however she worked with aggregate colleagues and editors implicit the people of June 14, 2017, arsenic she wrote the archetypal draught of an editorial successful effect to a mass shooting that targeted Republican members of Congress earlier that time astatine a Virginia shot field.

One sanction that arose that jurors astir apt did not expect to hear: Kathy Griffin.

Palin lawyer Shane Vogt had Williamson admit that the editorial condemning overheated governmental rhetoric, “America’s Lethal Politics,” did not notation the comedian’s stunt photograph featuring her holding a mock bloodied, severed caput of erstwhile president Donald Trump.

That photograph sparked widespread outrage erstwhile it was published connected May 30, 2017 — astir 2 weeks earlier the shot shooting, which was carried retired by a Bernie Sanders supporter.

Palin’s squad has attempted to represent the paper unit arsenic acting with an anti-Republican, anti-Palin bias erstwhile they published the editorial, which falsely referenced a “clear” nexus of “political incitement” betwixt a Palin governmental enactment committee representation and ...

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