A taxing time for Liverpool and Man City fans… but football chiefs doing sweet FA about it

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If idiosyncratic had asked Chas ‘n’ Dave to constitute a opus to people Tottenham’s quality successful the 1981 FA Cup semi-final, I’m guessing they’d person politely said ‘**** off’.

I’ve ne'er met a azygous instrumentality who thinks the past 4 of the oldest nationalist shot contention successful the satellite should beryllium played astatine Wembley Stadium.

I’m definite they exist, but rumour has it they besides deliberation Wings made amended records than the Beatles, George Lazenby was the eventual James Bond and pineapple connected a pizza is wholly acceptable.

This season, Manchester City and Liverpool supporters, astir apt 60,000 of them, volition person to question from the North West connected Easter weekend, with engineering works meaning nary nonstop trains moving from either metropolis to oregon from London.

The Football Association knew astir this much than 2 years ago, was again reminded of it, and took a conscious determination not to act. Some say, well, however did the FA cognize which teams would marque it to the semi-finals?

Let maine wide that 1 up. Only erstwhile successful the past 10 years has determination not been a Manchester oregon Liverpool nine successful the past 4 of the FA Cup, and that was successful 2014, erstwhile Wigan, Hull City and Sheffield United were each involved.

In fact, lone erstwhile since the semi-finals moved to the caller Wembley, successful 2008, has determination not been astatine slightest 1 squad from these 2 cities oregon further northbound successful the last four.

You hardly needed to summon Mystic Meg, Uri Geller and Clinton Baptiste to foretell this one. To paraphrase the latter: ‘I’m getting a word&helli...

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