A Texas Democratic Primary Between A Conservative Incumbent And A Progressive Challenger Is Heading To A Runoff

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The astir high-profile contention of the Texas primaries — a rematch betwixt a progressive Democrat and an constitution incumbent — is not implicit yet. Nine-term US Rep. Henry Cuellar and Jessica Cisneros, the progressive migration lawyer from Laredo making her 2nd effort astatine Texas's 28th District, are heading to a May 24 runoff aft some candidates failed to interruption the majority needed to triumph the superior outright.

A 3rd candidate, Tannya Benavides, siphoned capable votes distant to make Tuesday’s unsatisfactory outcome. The territory had been redrawn since Cuellar and Cisneros some appeared connected the ballot against each different for the archetypal clip successful 2020, erstwhile Cisneros mislaid to Cuellar by little than 4 points. Cuellar ended Tuesday nighttime with a likewise constrictive lead.

"While we are inactive waiting for our results, we cognize that our triumph volition come, whether it beryllium today, tomorrow, oregon successful May, we are going to win," Cisneros told supporters successful Spanish, conscionable earlier midnight section clip connected Tuesday. She past switched to English: "Tonight we are showing that our dreams are almighty capable to instrumentality connected a machine. ... We are showing that our dreams tin vie neck-and-neck, and we're going to amusement that we are going to travel retired connected top."

Appearing Wednesday greeting successful Laredo, Cisneros said she was exhausted but excited, arguing that due to the fact that Cuellar had failed to interruption a bulk to triumph outright, it followed that a bulk wanted caller leadership. Toggling easy betwixt English and Spanish, she noted that the time of the runoff would beryllium her 29th birthday. Cisneros said that they were inactive reviewing accusation from the primary, but that she didn't deliberation her campaign...

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