A Virginia Man Reviewed "Civics" And "American Government" Online For His Jan. 6 Community Service

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WASHINGTON — A Virginia antheral who pleaded blameworthy to joining the Jan. 6 insurrection notified a justice this week that he’d completed his court-ordered assemblage service: He spent his 60 hours reviewing “educational” materials connected topics similar “American Government” and “Civics” done a website that offers online assemblage service, for a fee.

Edward Hemenway pleaded blameworthy to a misdemeanor for illegally parading astatine the US Capitol. He was sentenced to 45 days successful jailhouse positive assemblage service. His lawyer filed a letter connected Tuesday from an enactment called Logan Social Services certifying that Hemenway performed his work by speechmaking “training materials” astir “Anger Management, Civics, Drug and Alcohol Awareness, Parenting and American Government” and providing “structured feedback.” The enactment explained that it mostly uses this feedback to “improve” online courses that it provides to radical facing court-ordered acquisition requirements, besides for a fee.

Hemenway’s codefendant and relative Robert Bauer, who received the aforesaid sentence, besides confirmed to the tribunal that he’d finished his 60 hours of service. Bauer appeared to instrumentality a much accepted route, attaching a letter from the nationalist works section successful his hometown of Cave City, Kentucky, that he’d performed “general labor.”

Hemenway and Bauer’s lawsuit offered a uncommon look astatine however radical who person pleaded blameworthy to storming the Capitol are carrying retired judges’ orders to springiness backmost to their communities, beyond immoderate jailhouse clip oregon ...

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