Amazing pattern of clouds forms in the sky above Czech Republic resembling ocean waves 

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Amazing signifier of clouds forms successful the entity supra Czech Republic resembling water waves

  • A carpenter spotted astonishing ocean-like clouds implicit the skies of the Czech Republic successful South Bohemia
  • The striking enactment is known arsenic the Kelvin-Helmholtz cloud, 1 of the astir beauteous unreality types
  • The clouds are astir apt to signifier connected a windy day, but are often a short-live phenomena, making them rare

By Tom Brown For Mailonline

Published: 13:09 GMT, 1 March 2022 | Updated: 13:09 GMT, 1 March 2022


Rare and beauteous clouds person formed implicit the Czech Republic successful the signifier of water waves.

Lukas Gallo, 35, a carpenter and photographer, spotted the wave-like clouds forming supra his hometown successful the South Bohemia portion successful the Czech Republic.

'When I archetypal saw them, I thought they were amazing,' said Lukas.

Such unreality patterns are known as Kelvin-Helmholtz clouds, oregon billow clouds, 1 of the astir striking unreality formations.

A uncommon sight: unreality patterns signifier implicit the Czech republic successful the signifier of water waves

Stunning: A clear, windy time is the astir apt clip for the unreality enactment to appear

They hap erstwhile 2 antithetic layers of aerial determination astatine antithetic speeds, a improvement the Met Office calls a shear.

When the precocious furniture of aerial is moving astatine a higher velocity than the lower-level of air, it sometimes scoops up the apical of an existing unreality furniture arsenic it passes by, creating the wave-like rolling shapes that person appeared implicit t...

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