An Ex-Cop Pleaded Guilty To Conspiracy In The Jan. 6 Attack And Agreed To Cooperate Against His "Father Figure" Colleague

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WASHINGTON — A erstwhile constabulary serviceman from Rocky Mount, Virginia, pleaded blameworthy Friday to conspiracy successful transportation with the Jan. 6 insurrection, taking a woody to cooperate against his codefendant — different ex-cop helium described arsenic a “father-figure” and “mentor” — who is acceptable for proceedings adjacent month.

Jacob Fracker and Thomas Robertson were disconnected work from their posts arsenic officers with Rocky Mount’s constabulary section erstwhile they allegedly joined the mob that descended connected the Capitol arsenic lawmakers gathered to certify the results of the election. The brace was scheduled to jointly look a assemblage starting April 4. Fracker’s plea deal means he’s agreed to attest against Robertson if the authorities wants to telephone him arsenic a witness.

Fracker’s quality connected Friday marks astatine slightest the seventh blameworthy plea that national prosecutors person secured for a conspiracy complaint related to Jan. 6. Some conspiracy offenses are much superior than others; Fracker pleaded blameworthy to conspiring to perpetrate a transgression against the United States, an discourtesy with a maximum punishment of 5 years successful prison; according to his plea agreement, his estimated sentencing scope is betwixt 15 to 21 months, fixed his deficiency of transgression past and acceptance of responsibility. If prosecutors are satisfied with his cooperation, the woody spells retired that they’ll backmost him successful seeking a condemnation beneath that range.

Fracker’s blameworthy plea comes connected the heels of 2 setbacks for the defense. In precocious February, US District Judge Christopher Cooper rejected Fracker and Robertson’s situation to the astir serious...

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