Ancient Atlases Reveal Machu Picchu Once Had a Different Name - CNET

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The spectacular portion of Machu Picchu might've been known by a antithetic sanction centuries ago.

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In 1911, Hiram Bingham III, a historiographer astatine Yale University, acceptable retired connected an expedition to Peru, searching for portals into the past.

"I person it connected bully authorization from prof Farabee that determination are mislaid cities supra the Urubamba," he told a paper reporter astir his speech with chap adventurer, Curtis Farabee. Soon aft that interview, Bingham would find himself climbing to the apical of a steep, Peruvian upland ridge, looking down, admiring what would yet beryllium connected a database of the world's astir celebrated past ruins: Machu Picchu. 

One day, this precise spot would beryllium revealed arsenic not "lost" astatine all, but alternatively a affluent metropolis that was lone forgotten by the inhabitants ...

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