Apple's Next Green Initiative: Making the iPhone SE With Low-Carbon Aluminum - CNET

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iPhone SE 2022 camera macro

Apple's planned $4.7 cardinal Green Bond task invests successful renewable initiatives.

Kevin Heinz/CNET

Apple's latest environmentally affable endeavor volition enactment much sustainably made metallic successful its caller iPhone SE models.

The aluminum, which is utilized successful the metallic framework astir the sides of the iPhone SE, comes from a caller process developed acknowledgment to funds from Apple's planned $4.7 cardinal Green Bond project, which invests successful assorted renewable initiatives. The caller process reduces the magnitude of c produced erstwhile smelting aluminum astatine an concern standard that hadn't been antecedently feasible, according to a press release Thursday.

It's not wide whether this aluminum is successful each iPhone SE, which Apple started selling connected March 18, oregon if it volition beryllium included...

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