Arsenal defender Ben White responds to early criticism from Gary Neville and Jamie Carragher

6 months ago 16

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Ben White admits it was ‘not a bully feeling’ to beryllium ‘singled out’ for disapproval by Premier League greats Gary Neville and Jamie Carragher, but says the comments spurred him connected arsenic helium looks to go a mainstay for Arsenal and England.

Arsenal bushed a big of home and European rivals to White’s signature erstwhile they signed him successful a £50m woody from Brighton past summer.

Much was expected of the centre-back erstwhile helium arrived astatine the Emirates but helium endured a debut to hide successful the season-opening 2-0 decision to Premier League newcomers Brentford.

Following Arsenal’s decision successful westbound London, both Neville and Carragher suggested Premier League teams would spot White arsenic a imaginable weakness successful the Arsenal team and could look to people the 24-year-old implicit the people of the season.

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