Astroneer Update Adds Keyboard Support On Console, Here Are The Full Patch Notes

6 months ago 17

Squashing much abstraction bugs

Control Update KeyartImage: System Era Softworks

Another update has been released for spacefaring base-builder Astroneer, and this time, it brings with it a clump of quality-of-life improvements, including rodent and keyboard enactment for consoles, remappable inputs, and accessibility options. Plus, of course, there's bug fixes. There are always bug fixes.

Alongside the improvements and bug fixes, determination are caller items successful the store (purchasable with existent money), and the EXO Salvage Initiative has returned, which allows players to unlock caller cosmetics by submitting debris and salvage for points. Here's however that works:

Gaining Points

  • 25 Points – Debris Bundle (5 Points per partial)
  • 50 Points – Scrap Nugget
  • 100 Points – Debris Package (Small / T1)
  • 300 Points – Debris Package (Medium / T2)

Spending Points

  • 1500 Points – Salvage Throwback Bundle
    Contains cosmetics rewarded from erstwhile year:
    • Palette: “Going Green”
    • Hat: “Wired”
  • 4200 Points – Hat: &rdquo...
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