Award-winning sommelier and Wine Girl author Victoria James reveals her pro tips for choosing wine

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Award-winning sommelier Victoria James

Are you having occupation getting a preservation astatine a restaurant? It could beryllium that you're blacklisted.

And it could beryllium for a reasonably trivial reason, arsenic revealed by Victoria James, an award-winning sommelier and writer of fascinating – and shocking – bestseller 'Wine Girl: A Sommelier's Tale of Making it successful the Toxic World of Fine Dining'.

In a Zoom chat with MailOnline Travel astir the satellite of good eating and the creation of choosing vino successful restaurants, Victoria – who astatine 21 became America's youngest sommelier – divulges that she erstwhile worked astatine a edifice successful New York that blacklisted a radical of guests for being 'cheap'.

She said: 'There were these guests that were rather lovely, actually. I thought they were tourists oregon students, and they went successful and they lone wanted to bid 1 appetiser to split.

'The maitre d' [head waiter] was furious due to the fact that they were taking up a array which, if you conscionable look astatine a edifice from a concern perspective, they're costing the edifice astir $500 (£375) theoretically by conscionable ordering an appetiser and splitting it.

'And truthful they were blacklisted.'

Victoria, 31, whose galore accolades see being named Food & Wine's 2018 'Sommelier of the Year', tin spot the maitre d's constituent of presumption – 'he was protecting the business' – but believes helium 'took it excessively far'.

There's besides a hazard with this benignant of practice, she admitted, that the edifice is banning guests who are much important to its nett margins than they realise. Those guests who were blacklisted for lone ordering an appetiser, she pointed out, whitethorn person been amateur-food-critic-Instagrammers with millions of followers.

Victoria – who astatine 21 became America'...

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