BEL MOONEY: How can my step daughter ignore me so cruelly?

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Dear Bel,

I joined my 2nd hubby successful the precocious 1990s; helium had 1 girl with his archetypal wife. The girl was not being looked aft astatine each well; her begetter was precise disquieted and I felt if I didn’t suggest she travel to unrecorded with america helium mightiness permission me.

I was successful my precocious 40s and had nary acquisition of children. She was astir 8 erstwhile I helped to bring her up — until the matrimony fell isolated owed to my husband’s lies astir debt. I had provided our home, paid the owe and the bills, and spent a sizeable sum connected the girl until she was 14.

When helium near she went to unrecorded with her parent immoderate region away. Then her begetter enactment her successful the attraction of her champion friend’s parents. Eventually, they had to inquire him to instrumentality work for his daughter.

I carried immoderate guilt arsenic my hubby had near his household for maine and erstwhile our matrimony fell isolated his daughter’s beingness was disrupted again.

I mislaid interaction with her but we forged a bully narration again erstwhile she was successful her precocious teens. She went connected to person 2 daughters, present 12 and ten, and I was precise generous to her financially.

She’s 33 present and has said implicit years she appreciated each that I gave her. Despite her spouse and her working, they are ever successful fiscal difficulties. She has asked to get wealth for bills connected respective occasions. Sometimes, I person told her not to fuss repaying.

Last July, she asked to get £30 to wage for her partner’s day treat! I was reluctant but yet agreed — but said she needed to benignant herself retired financially.

She took umbrage and wrote backmost saying she didn’t request the wealth aft each and didn’t request my advice. The pursuing period she wholly ignored my birthday. I ignored hers successful instrumentality but continued to nonstop her 2 girls cards a...

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