Best Debit Cards for Kids and Teens: Greenlight, GoHenry and More - CNET

6 months ago 14

Digital exertion permeates our kids' lives -- and wealth is becoming an expanding portion of their integer world.

Since the onset of the pandemic, kids are spending much clip online streaming shows and playing video games. And they're besides accessing exertion to gain an allowance and prevention money. With much kids angling for virtual entree to cash, the $535 million fintech-for-kids manufacture is happily serving up youth-focused prepaid debit cards, slope and concern accounts.

As galore parents volition attest, signing your kid up for thing online tin beryllium a thorny proposition. While exertion opens up caller worlds of ideas and learning opportunities, determination are downsides. Sharing your child's idiosyncratic accusation puts them astatine hazard of identity theft and a big of different perils. Banking apps for ...

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