Best live music at sea? Inside Holland America Line's new rock-star cruise ship MS Rotterdam

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Travel writer Jo Kessel filmed her voyage connected Holland America Line’s newest cruise ship, MS Rotterdam. The footage shows disconnected the ship’s ‘more abstraction per passenger’ credentials arsenic good arsenic its ‘Music Walk’, which features unrecorded euphony venues specified arsenic the exclusive Rolling Stone Rock Room. Plus, the video shares the wrong scoop connected wherever to eat, however to pain disconnected those calories and offers a sneak peek wrong the ship’s astir costly cabin, which costs £15,000 ($20,432) a week.

The distinctive navy hulls of Holland America’s cruise ships person agelong acceptable them isolated from different lines – arsenic has their Dutch heritage. 

Nearly 150 years agone the enactment began beingness by ferrying European immigrants from the Netherlands to New York. But a period aboriginal it switched to full-time planetary cruising and adjacent though it’s present American-owned, by the Carnival Corporation, those Dutch roots are inactive tangible.

Jo Kessel films her voyage connected Holland America Line’s newest cruise ship, MS Rotterdam

The 480-million-euro (£395million/$520million) Rotterdam is the eleventh vessel successful a fleet that prides itself connected providing much unfastened abstraction per rider than different liners. 

I hoped to seizure this roominess connected movie erstwhile I hopped connected committee for a seven-night Caribbean cruise from Fort Lauderdale and I deliberation I succeeded. 

The video starts astatine the swimming pools - there's 1 astatine the backmost and 1 successful the mediate covered by a retractable extortion reminiscent of Wimbledon’s. 

Jo's video starts astatine the swimming excavation astatine the backmost of the ship

The supra swimming pool, acceptable successful the mediate of the ship, is covered by a retractable roof 

The retractable roof, pictured above, is...

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