Biden Announced The US Will Ban Imports On Russian Oil

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The Biden medication volition prohibition each imports of Russian oil, gas, and energy, President Joe Biden announced connected Tuesday, successful effect to Russia’s continued attacks connected Ukraine. The prohibition volition intensify unit connected the Russian system arsenic it continues a brutal run for power, and it volition origin a higher surge successful state prices for Americans.

“The determination contiguous is not without a outgo present astatine home. Putin’s warfare is already hurting American families astatine the state pump,” the president said successful a code from the White House connected Tuesday morning. Biden said that since Russian President Vladimir Putin began the subject buildup astir Ukraine, US state prices person accrued significantly. “With this action, it’s going to spell up further,” Biden said. “I’m going to bash everything I tin to minimize Putin’s terms hike present astatine home.”

The measurement comes arsenic Putin's run has upended the lives of millions of radical and left much than 400 civilians dead, including children, arsenic Russian shells and missiles person fallen crossed Ukraine. The effect has been mostly unified condemnation from crossed the world.

Biden emphasized different actions taken by the medication to dismantle the Russian system and assistance against its invasion, including providing “security assistance” to Ukraine, shipments of antiaircraft weapons, and humanitarian relief. He besides stressed that the existent situation highlights wherefore it’s truthful important to go vigor independent, including a modulation to cleanable vigor that would marque home terms hike considerations moot.

He said the US was moving forwar...

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