Biden Issued New Sanctions After The Russian Invasion Of Ukraine

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Hours aft Russian shells and missiles began falling crossed Ukraine successful a full-scale invasion, US President Joe Biden announced further economical sanctions connected Russia, portion falling abbreviated of immoderate measures Ukrainian authorities had hoped for.

“Putin is the aggressor. Putin chose this war. And present helium and his state volition carnivore the consequences," Biden said connected Thursday afternoon.

The sanctions, coordinated with NATO allies, purpose to “limit Russia's quality to bash concern successful pounds, dollars, euros, and yen,” Biden said. That volition see blocking 4 much large Russian banks, freezing their assets successful the US, and adding to the database of sanctioned Russian governmental elites.

That fell abbreviated of what Ukrainian authorities had been pushing for — connected Thursday, Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba tweeted that helium expected NATO to prohibition Russia from the large worldwide banking transportation system, SWIFT, arsenic portion of Thursday’s expanded sanctions.

“I volition not beryllium diplomatic connected this,” Kuleba wrote. “Everyone who present doubts whether Russia should beryllium banned from SWIFT has to recognize that the humor of guiltless Ukrainian men, women and children volition beryllium connected their hands too.”

Biden defended the NATO determination not to exclude Russia from SWIFT connected Thursday.

“The sanctions we’ve imposed transcend SWIFT. The sanctions we’ve imposed transcend thing that’s ever been done,” helium said, adding that the determination remains an enactment but “right now, that's not the presumption that the remainder of Europe wishes to take.”

Biden’s remarks besides did not code however the US and allies program to present assistance and enactment to Ukrainians ...

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