Big Willy Collins' widow accuses council of RACISM over his 22-ft high, £200,000 headstone

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The widow of 'traveller king' Willy Collins has warned of 'war' if determination are immoderate attempts to demolish oregon change a giant, 37 tonne memorial to him, thought to beryllium Britain's largest backstage grave- arsenic details emerged of his colourful life, MailOnline tin reveal.

Kathleen Collins insisted that racism is down protests implicit the lavish monument erected successful tribute to Willy, 49 a renowned bare-knuckle boxer who was a starring fig successful the travelling assemblage and known arsenic the 'King of Sheffield.'

Council officials successful the metropolis person protested that the flamboyant memorial broke readying laws due to the fact that it did not lucifer the archetypal plans portion Kathleen and her household assertion that they person been inundated with hatred messages connected societal media astir it. The council's rules authorities that memorials indispensable beryllium nether 3 inches heavy and nether 4 feet 4 inches tall. Big Willy's memorial stands astatine 10 feet high.

Speaking exclusively to MailOnline, she said: 'The assembly person raised concerns due to the fact that members of the nationalist person been hounding them to kick astir it. There's a batch of racism and jealousy progressive due to the fact that Willy was a celebrated traveller who was known each implicit Sheffield. 

Kathleen Collins was joined to bare-knuckle boxer 'Big Willy Collins' (pictured together) for 30 years. The mates lived successful Sheffield and had 9 children and 18 grandchildren unneurotic during what Kathleen says was a 'turbulent' relationship

Kathleen (pictured) and her 9 children were truthful devastated erstwhile Willy died abruptly from a tummy ulcer aged conscionable 49 portion the mates were connected vacation successful Majorca, Spain, that she wanted to people his beingness with a elephantine headstone successful Sheffield 

The household applied to the assembly for readying support for a headstone successful his honour (pictured) but erstwhile it memorial was unveiled and the headstone measured 10-feet precocious with 2 beingness sized statues of Big Willy and a jukebox, they were comp...

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