Bloodborne PS1 demake creators are now making Bloodborne Kart

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The creators of Bloodborne PSX, the PlayStation-style “demake” of FromSoftware’s gothic fearfulness action-RPG, person a caller task coming: Bloodborne Kart. It’s a caller racing crippled besides inspired by Bloodborne, with immoderate Crash Team Racing (OK, and Mario Kart) thrown in.

Bloodborne PSX’s developer confirmed the kart racer’s improvement successful a tweet connected Thursday, saying their adjacent PSone-style throwback is “real and volition beryllium coming retired arsenic soon arsenic it’s ready.” That teaser shows a chunky polygonal huntsman throwing connected immoderate goggles, approaching its Victorian-era motorcycle successful the benignant of Shotaro Kaneda, and getting acceptable to race.

Bloodborne Kart’s creators besides shared a preview of the game’s music, an incredibly peppy rubric surface tune inspired by themes from the archetypal Bloodborne.

Bloodborne PSX fans whitethorn callback they’ve already gotten a peek astatine Bloodborne Kart. The demake’s creators joked connected past year’s April Fool’s Day that the Bloodborne demake was “CANCELED and we’re making [Bloodborne Kart] instead.” Like galore April Fool’s Day pranks astir video games, that goof turned retired to beryllium real.

Bloodborne PSX, which launched successful January, is free to download from

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