Brave takes on the creepy websites that override your privacy settings

6 months ago 27

Some websites conscionable can't instrumentality "no" for an answer. Instead of respecting visitors' prime to artifact third-party cookies—the identifiers that way browsing enactment arsenic a idiosyncratic moves from tract to site—they find sneaky ways to bypass those settings. Now, makers of the Brave browser are taking action.

Earlier this week, Brave Nightly—the investigating and improvement mentation of the browser—rolled retired a diagnostic that's designed to forestall what's known arsenic bounce tracking. The caller feature, known arsenic unlinkable bouncing, volition rotation retired for wide merchandise successful Brave mentation 1.37 slated for March 29.

Overriding privacy

Bounce tracking is 1 of the cardinal ways websites circumvent third-party cooky blocking. When a browser prevents a website specified arsenic site.example from loading a third-party tracking cooky from a domain specified arsenic tracker.example, site.example pulls a accelerated one. When site.example detects that the tracker.example cooky can't beryllium set, it alternatively redirects the browser to the tracker.example site, sets a cooky from that domain, and past redirects backmost to the archetypal leafage oregon a caller destination.

With that, the tracker.example cooky gets passed done a URL parameter and then...

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