Breaking Down Supreme Court Pick Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson’s Biggest Cases

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WASHINGTON — President Joe Biden’s Supreme Court prime Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson has a lengthy way grounds of decisions connected large topics from her 9 years connected the bench, from statesmanlike powerfulness to migration and conspiracy theories.

Jackson was lone confirmed to the US Court of Appeals for the DC Circuit past year, meaning she’s had small clip to people precedent-setting opinions. But successful her longer tenure connected the national territory tribunal seat successful Washington — she was confirmed successful 2010 — she had plentifulness of opportunities to regularisation successful high-profile and politically consequential cases.

Here are immoderate of the large cases and cardinal issues that could get a adjacent look arsenic her confirmation proceedings unfold successful the US Senate:


The scope of a person’s close to an termination has been a flashpoint for caller Supreme Court nominations, but Jackson has ne'er ruled successful a lawsuit that dealt squarely with the issue.

Her erstwhile promotion, from territory tribunal justice to the US Court of Appeals for the DC Circuit, earned praise from wide advocacy groups, including NARAL Pro-Choice America. Asked during those confirmation proceedings past twelvemonth if she believed Roe v. Wade was correctly decided, Jackson declined to answer, explaining it would beryllium “inappropriate” since each Supreme Court decisions were binding connected her arsenic a little tribunal judge. It’s a question that’s definite to travel up again present that she’s nominated for the precocious court. There’s a lawsuit pending earlier the justices that could dramatically upend the nationwide scenery of termination rights by the extremity of this term, but its unlike...

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