Brittany Ferries would fully refund my trip due to Covid, but not after my husband passed away

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I thought you whitethorn beryllium funny successful the antithetic levels of lawsuit work I person experienced with question companies pursuing the recent, precise unexpected decease of my husband.

We had respective trips distant booked for this year, which I did not privation to spell connected unsocial oregon with idiosyncratic other arsenic I would find this excessively upsetting.

I contacted British Airways, Ryanair and Travel Republic regarding bookings and they each refunded maine promptly and treated maine with compassion, which I truly appreciated.

But it was a wholly antithetic communicative with Brittany Ferries, with which we had paid a deposit of £550 for a ferry crossing to Santander, Spain. 

This scholar was lone offered a partial refund of her Brittany Ferries fare aft her hubby sadly passed away, contempt earlier being offered a afloat refund owed to Covid

It was initially acceptable for October 2020, but was cancelled owed to Covid. We were offered a afloat currency refund, but astatine that clip were blessed to reschedule to support our vacation and enactment the company.

After respective consequent cancellations, the booking is present for this june.

After my hubby died I contacted Brittany to cancel, but it said it could present lone connection maine fractional of the wealth back, and the different £275 arsenic a voucher for different travel to usage wrong 2 years.

This is the modular refund offered to anyone cancelling a trip, for immoderate crushed oregon none.

I explained that it was a travel with my husband, and I could not foresee being successful a presumption successful the adjacent aboriginal to walk hours successful a car with different idiosyncratic oregon slumber overnight successful a compartment with idiosyncratic else.

I person spent hours connected the telephone to lawsuit services, and the lawsuit has been escalated to supervisors who inactive accidental they are unwilling to instrumentality my peculiar circumstances into relationship and refund the afloat amou...

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