Buying a Gun Linked to Depression During COVID-19 Pandemic

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March 22, 2022 -- People with symptoms of mean to severe depression are much apt than others to accidental they purchased a firearm precocious oregon program to bash truthful successful the future, a caller survey reveals.

"Since some slump and firearm ownership are large hazard factors for suicide, we wanted to recognize however galore radical person some of these hazard factors," says pb writer Roy H. Perlis, MD.

The pandemic could beryllium making matters worse.

"During the COVID-19 pandemic, aggregate surveys person shown that rates of slump are substantially higher than earlier the pandemic, and we spot akin elevation successful suicidal thoughts," says Perlis, a prof of psychiatry astatine Harvard Medical School.

On a affirmative note, though much radical study reasoning astir suicide, truthful far, this summation has not led to much existent suicides successful the United States, helium says.

The survey reveals 31% of those who study mean oregon much terrible symptoms of slump besides ain a firearm. Researchers recovered nary important nexus betwixt slump and weapon ownership successful general.

But radical who said they person this level of slump were 77% much apt to person purchased a firearm during the pandemic. They besides were 53% much apt to deliberation astir buying a weapon successful the adjacent 4 months. Both these findings were statistically significant.

The study was published online Monday successful the diary JAMA Network Open.

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