Chelsea allowed to sell tickets again after government tweaks restrictions

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Chelsea volition beryllium allowed to merchantability tickets again for the bulk of matches they are progressive in, including adjacent month’s FA Cup semi-final and the Champions League.

After respective weeks of talks, the British authorities has eased the presumption of the peculiar licence Chelsea person been operating nether since Roman Abramovich was sanctioned and his assets successful the UK frozen.

Chelsea had been banned from selling tickets arsenic portion of the sanctions and supporters had feared they would beryllium incapable to ticker their nine instrumentality connected Crystal Palace astatine Wembley and Real Madrid successful the past 8 of the Champions League.

But the authorities has been keen to find a mode to guarantee distant fans tin question to Stamford Bridge, arsenic good arsenic avoiding a half-empty stadium for the FA Cup semi-final.

As a effect of the tweaks to the peculiar license, distant clubs volition present beryllium allowed to bargain tickets for Premier League and European matches astatine Chelsea, portion the westbound Londoners volition besides beryllium allowed to merchantability tickets for distant matches.

They volition besides beryllium capable to merchantability some location and distant tickets for matches successful the Champions League, FA Cup and Women’s Super League competitions.

That means sel...

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