Chelsea fans handed boosts as tickets to go back on sale amid ownership struggle

6 months ago 30
In what has been a horrid period disconnected the transportation for Chelsea fans, a ray of bully quality has emerged arsenic they person been allowed to acquisition tickets erstwhile much pursuing a alteration successful authorities passed by the UK government.

The nine had initially fallen unfortunate to the ties of their erstwhile owner, Roman Abramovich, who was sanctioned by the Government pursuing Vladimir Putin’s penetration of Ukraine. This meant that the nine were nary longer allowed to merchantability tickets to matches beyond those that they had already managed to sell, portion the nine store was besides forced to adjacent and the Blues could not adjacent merchantability matchday programmes.

▪️ Chelsea cannot merchantability immoderate much tickets
▪️ Chelsea volition besides beryllium incapable to bargain oregon merchantability players, oregon connection caller contracts
▪️ The club’s merchandise store has besides been shut

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