Childcare worker, 24, reveals how she dropped 67kg in just ONE year

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Childcare worker Bay-Lea Wilson was 'fit and healthy' each her beingness until she moved from Sydney to the Gold Coast to survey astatine university. 

After processing a binge eating upset and falling into unhealthy habits, the 24-year-old tipped the scales astatine 142kg and recovered herself in changeless symptom and felt retired of enactment aft walking anywhere.   

Bay-Lea told Daily Mail Australia it wasn't until she moved backmost location 4 years aboriginal that she realised her manner needed to change- and fast.

Today she looks unrecognisable aft losing 67kg successful conscionable implicit 12 months and present fits into size 10 covering alternatively of 24. 

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Childcare idiosyncratic Bay-Lea Wilson (pictured) dropped a staggering 67kg successful conscionable implicit 12 months

In 2019 she tipped the scales astatine 142kg (left) aft moving from Sydney to the Gold Coast to survey astatine university. Today she looks unrecognisable (right) and is arrogant of what she's achieved 

Bay-Lea confessed she utilized to gorge connected 2 pizzas and ail bread, oregon McDonald's burgers and crystal pick astatine 11pm each night.  

Living a laid-back assemblage lifestyle, she would slumber successful until 11am past person a 'huge' meal at 2pm followed by meal astatine 6pm. 

'I was surviving with others astatine the time, truthful my serving sizes for meal were semi-normal, but past I would spell retired and binge eat,' she said. 

At archetypal the binge eating was a coping mechanics utilized to woody with missing her household and friends backmost home, past it 'snowballed' into societal anxiety. 

Bay-Lea would workout 2 days a week, but it wasn't enou...

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