Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: The Need to Raise Awareness

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Up to 2.5 cardinal American adults unrecorded with myalgic encephalomyelitis/chronic fatigue syndrome (ME/CFS), an all-consuming fatigue that ruins their regular prime of life. At times, they're excessively bushed to get retired of bed, instrumentality a shower, oregon navigator a meal. They whitethorn person assemblage pain, fuzzy thinking, and dizziness that whitethorn marque it intolerable to enactment oregon instrumentality portion successful mundane activities.

Worse, radical surviving with ME/CFS whitethorn find that their doctor, loved ones, oregon employers don't instrumentality their symptoms earnestly oregon judge they effect from an illness.

A caller survey by the CDC and Medscape shows that deficiency of consciousness astir ME/CFS is widespread, and this delays diagnosis and attraction for years. The study's findings were based connected an online survey completed by 3,550 adults 18 oregon implicit who visited from Jan. 22-Jun. 8, 2021.

“One of the astir striking findings from the survey was that truthful galore radical person occupation being understood by their clinician erstwhile they speech astir their symptoms,” says Elizabeth Unger, MD, PhD, main of the CDC's Chronic Viral Diseases Branch.

Most doctors and radical with chronic fatigue syndrome don't cognize the sanction of this syndrome oregon thing other astir it. The CDC estimates that 90% of radical with ME/CFS aren't diagnosed by a wellness attraction professional.

“Of each the radical who completed the survey, lone 46% had ever heard astir ME/CFS. Even among those who do, lone a number understood there's a aesculapian crushed for their symptoms. Patients and their families aren't alert that it exists, and that they tin get assistance and question attraction from their superior attraction physicians,” Unger says.

Years to Get a Diagnosis

Although this survey didn't see questions astir however agelong it took to get a diagnosis, different probe suggests that connected average, it takes years of visits to aggregate doctors. A 2015 study from the Institute of Medicine recovered that 29% of radical wi...

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