Citigroup to Cover Travel Expenses for U.S. Staff Seeking Abortion

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March 18, 2022

Citigroup Inc. is starting to screen question costs for U.S.-based employees seeking an termination arsenic much states walk caller termination restrictions, according to Bloomberg News.

The argumentation covers definite expenses, specified arsenic airfare and lodging, for unit who indispensable question retired of authorities to person an abortion.

“In effect to changes successful reproductive healthcare laws successful definite states successful the U.S., opening successful 2022 we supply question benefits to facilitate entree to capable resources,” Citi wrote in a filing for its shareholders gathering acceptable for April 26.

In Texas, Citigroup has much than 8,500 employees, Bloomberg reported. Last year, the authorities barred abortions aft a fetal heartbeat is detected, which tin hap astir six weeks of pregnancy. Under the law, backstage citizens tin writer anyone who “aids and abets” an termination past the cutoff date, including doctors, session workers and radical who transport a large idiosyncratic to and from an termination clinic.

Earlier this week, the Idaho House approved a six-week termination measure modeled aft the Texas law. The Idaho Senate approved the authorities earlier this month, and the measure present heads to Gov. Brad Little to beryllium signed. The instrumentality could instrumentality effect successful April, according to Read Entire Article