Congress Has Vowed To Redouble Ukraine Support After Zelensky's Personal Appeal

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WASHINGTON — Emotional national lawmakers near Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky’s personal entreaty for aid promising to bash much to assistance Ukraine, portion astatine the aforesaid clip acknowledging the US cannot get straight progressive oregon assistance his petition of a no-fly zone.

“I was crying,” Sen. Joni Ernst said. “I conscionable deliberation it’s precise heartbreaking what the Ukrainians are going through. It’s not conscionable the nonaccomplishment of life, it’s the imaginable nonaccomplishment of an full country.”

Lawmakers expressed an outpouring of sympathy for Zelensky and the Ukrainian radical aft the meeting. There was near-unanimous enactment for aiding Ukraine arsenic overmuch arsenic possible, but disagreement astir however acold that should extend. There is bipartisan statement that Zelensky’s petition for NATO to enforce a no-fly portion implicit Ukraine remains disconnected the array owed to the hazard of sparking a atomic warfare with Russia.

“There’s nary mode that you can’t travel retired of that gathering without contemplating what much the United States tin bash to help,” said Sen. Chris Murphy. “I deliberation there’s a big of things we tin proceed to bash to assistance that doesn’t impact a imaginable atomic warfare betwixt the US and Russia.”

In his abbreviated virtual address, Zelensky urged Congress and the White House to ramp up sanctions connected Russia and assistance to Ukraine, with pleas abstracted from the petition for a no-fly zone. And helium asked for a caller statement betwixt nations — “a national of liable countries” — to caput disconnected attacks similar this successful the future.

“We are warring for the values of Europe and the world, sacrificing our lives successful the sanction of the future,” Zelensky said successful English. “That's wherefore today, the American ...

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