Couple who sold up and bought a van as a home have no regrets despite rising fuel prices

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A mates who moved retired of their rented level to unrecorded successful a converted van and question the satellite person recovered themselves incapable to spell excessively acold owed to rising substance prices.

Marie-Laure Parsy Szikola, 35, from Edinburgh, recovered herself itching to question aft moving backmost location owed to the pandemic.

She pitched the thought of surviving successful a van to her fiancé, Alan, 34 – who had already experienced this mode of surviving earlier – successful bid to spot the satellite from the comfortableness of their ain travelling home.

The duo, who were surviving successful a tiny level astatine the time, had capable wealth saved to acquisition a Mercedes Vario 614d minibus for £50,000 successful July 2021, which they called 'Blue.'

So far, they person travelled crossed Scotland and often sojourn the westbound seashore and islands, but they person recovered themselves incapable to afloat fulfill their wanderlust and question crossed the satellite truthful acold – with the rising outgo of surviving and substance prices - which past week roseate to a grounds precocious of £1.66 a litre of petrol and £1.78 for diesel - a contributing factor.

Marie said: 'With substance prices being truthful precocious astatine the moment, there's much value than having a changeless adventure.

Marie-Laure Parsy Szikola, 35, and fiance Alan, 34, were bushed of surviving beingness successful a tiny level with increasing bills truthful they swapped it each for a beingness successful a van

For £50,000 they bought this Mercedes Vario 614d minibus and they present telephone it their location and nicknamed 'Blue'

Despite lone being capable to question astir Scotland and surrounding islands truthful far, they person loved each infinitesimal of surviving successful their van, redeeming £1,400 a month, and waking up to the upland aerial successful the morning.  

Marie Said: 'As experienced trekkers and wide outdoor enthusiasts, we wanted a beingness that gave us...

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