COVID Scams Are Surging, But Congress Isn’t Giving The Government Power To Repay Victims

7 months ago 39

WASHINGTON — In Illinois, fake COVID investigating sites are popping up to instrumentality vantage of surging demand. In Florida, criminals are dressing up arsenic aesculapian professionals and walking up to radical successful enactment astatine COVID investigating facilities. In Missouri, scammers are calling retirees and telling them to input their societal information numbers to “validate” their “COVID-19 vaccine verification.”

All crossed the country, a parallel pandemic of fraud has risen with COVID and the ensuing shortages of tests and idiosyncratic protective equipment. At the aforesaid time, the Federal Trade Commission has mislaid its astir almighty instrumentality to ace down connected scammers and unit them to instrumentality wealth to victims. The FTC is pleading with Congress to reconstruct this tool.

So far, Congress has hardly noticed.

“It’s brainsick to maine that 2 years into this pandemic consumers inactive can’t spell connected an e-commerce level and person assurance that the disguise they bargain is authentic,” FTC Bureau of Consumer Protection Director Samuel Levine told a Senate Committee connected Tuesday.

Levine said that scams ranging from individuality theft to the proliferation of substandard, falsely advertised masks person exploded since 2020. He blamed this successful portion connected large tech platforms similar Amazon and Facebook Marketplace failing to ace ...

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