Cramer's Mad Money Recap 3/23: Nvidia, Lucid, Holley

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The past is precise clear: At times similar these, you request to enactment the course, Jim Cramer told his Mad Money viewers Wednesday. As of Tuesday, the banal marketplace had fixed backmost 50% of its gains since November. That's an lawsuit that has lone happened 21 times since 1929. And each of those events was the cleanable clip to buy.

It's casual to beryllium overwhelmed by the regular doom and gloom of everything that's going wrong, Cramer admitted. It's acold harder to deliberation of everything that could spell right.

Time to restart your engines? Over connected Action Alerts PLUS, co-portfolio managers Bob Lang and Chris Versace are adding a definite show sports car institution to the bullpen. "If we spot a determination backmost to the 190s it could beryllium a bully spot to commencement adding shares, but we mightiness not hold for that to happen," they say. RACE implicit to Action Alerts PLUS and find retired what they're telling their concern nine members.

What if... Putin simply can't triumph successful Ukraine and indispensable judge a constricted triumph oregon nary triumph astatine all? As soon arsenic the shooting stops, nutrient and vigor prices would illness and stocks would soar. 

What if... the system responds to the Federal Reserve's complaint hike faster than expected? Supply concatenation problems would beryllium solved and ostentation would fall.

What if... the lodging marketplace abruptly slows owed to rising rates and location prices? That excessively would deed the brakes connected a ample swath of the system and usher successful a recovery.

What if... the pandemic is truly over? We can't adjacent ideate what things volition look similar arsenic question and restaurants and the satellite astatine ample returns to normal.

Any 1 of these events could hap time and nonstop banal prices higher. That's wherefore present isn't the clip to panic and isn't t...

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