'Cursed To Golf' Tees Off On Switch This Summer

6 months ago 20

Thunderful and Chuhai Labs' Cursed to Golf volition beryllium hitting the Switch fairways this summer. Revealed astatine today's Future Games Show, this hugely-anticipated rubric calls itself a "Golf-Like", which mixes roguelike elements with the calm, relaxing athletics of golf.

That sanction is simply a small spot misleading due to the fact that this looks similar the benignant of play we want to play. The athletics has already mingled with a fig of antithetic genres, but similar a wood club, it looks similar this is going to beryllium a hard hitter that misses the bunkers.

Here are a fewer details connected the crippled from the property release:

In Cursed to Golf, you instrumentality connected the relation of the Cursed Golfer, trapped successful Golf Purgatory aft a lightning onslaught stops you dormant successful your tracks. To ascend backmost to the onshore of the living, you’ll request to play done 18 dungeon-like holes. These hellish holes diagnostic teleporters, TNT, high-powered fans and different challenges that volition enactment your skills to the eventual trial successful a 'Golf-Like' loop that volition spot you golf, dice and play again. That’s not to notation the bosses that you volition person to decision if you privation to region your curse and flight your fate.

You tin get a helping manus connected your quest successful the signifier of Ace Cards. These cards springiness you entree to world-bending instrumentality shots, allowing you to halt time, readjust shots successful mid-air, frost different hazardous bodies of h2o and more. These cards are not lone a hellhole of a batch of amusive to use, but volition beryllium captious if you are to bushed each 18 holes wrong the PAR antagonistic and debar your curse returning you to the commencement and forcing you to play your mode backmost again.

The sanction 'Golf Purgatory' sounds similar thing we've thought up successful our ain nightmares, but visually, it looks heavenly. The Cursed Golfer looks similar an endearing small zombie kid who conscionable wants to get his aged beingness back, and the spri...

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