Daimler Truck sees rising prices in 2022, little impact from Ukraine

6 months ago 29
BERLIN (Reuters) -Daimler Truck expects precocious earthy worldly prices to thrust terms increases this twelvemonth but constricted interaction from events successful Ukraine, the German motortruck and autobus shaper said connected Thursday.

Unlike competitors, including Traton's MAN, it does not root ligament harnesses from Ukraine, CEO Martin Daum said, portion concern main Jochen Goetz said Russia and Ukraine accounted for conscionable 1% of the firm's sales.

Semiconductor proviso volition measurement connected results peculiarly successful the archetypal quarter, Daum said, with the institution sitting connected precocious inventories of unfinished vehicles arsenic it waits for semiconductors to arrive.

"When suppliers abruptly chopped [their offer] by fractional astir overnight, that is an unbearable situation," Daum said. "We've had to alert successful parts by helicopter, which successful my full agelong vocation successful trucking was unheard of."

Asked astir its practice with Russian tru...

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