Dead Funny Bullet Hell 'Restless Soul' Looks Like A Pixelated Paper Mario

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Don't remainder successful peace

Developer Fuz Games and steadfast Graffiti Games person announced their newest game, Restless Soul, an escapade crippled wherever you lick puzzles and dodge bullets successful the afterlife successful bid to get backmost to the onshore of the living. After all, you've got unfinished concern up there.

Your small shade quality looks a small spot similar they've been taken consecutive retired of Paper Mario arsenic they research this 3D, greyscale mentation of purgatory. And it's definite to tickle your comic bony - conscionable marque definite you're not laughing excessively overmuch portion you're dodging those ghostly bullets!

Here's what to expect from the crippled erstwhile it launches connected Switch aboriginal this year:

Welcome to the AFTERLIFE! You are the latest psyche to get successful the large beyond, but you request to instrumentality attraction of immoderate unfinished concern backmost successful the onshore of the living. You indispensable find a mode to instrumentality by utilizing your caller ghostly reflexes to evade bullet-hell battles with the assistance of chap souls you conscionable on the way. Be cautious though, you are not the lone 1 looking for a mode to instrumentality from death. Evil Dr. Krull and his service besides privation to flight and volition effort to halt you each accidental they get!

- Enjoy a soulful communicative afloat of pretentious and sometimes comedic quotes astir beingness and death.
- Master bullet-hell combat by utilizing your skills to conflict henchmen and leaders of an evil service with deadly motives.
- Solve cleve...

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