Dense Bones Allowed Spinosaurus – The Biggest Carnivorous Dinosaur Ever Discovered – To Hunt Underwater

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Spinosaurus Hunting

Spinosaurus, the longest predatory dinosaur known, is opening its elongate jaws, studded with conical teeth, to drawback a sawskate. Contrary to erstwhile suggestions, this carnal was not a heron-like wader – it was a “river monster,” actively pursuing prey successful a immense stream strategy located successful modern-day North Africa. Dense bones successful the skeleton of Spinosaurus powerfully suggest it spent a important magnitude of clip submerged successful the water. Credit: Davide Bonadonna

Its adjacent relative Baryonyx astir apt swam too, but Suchomimus might’ve waded similar a heron.

Spinosaurus is the biggest carnivorous dinosaur ever discovered—even bigger than T. rex—but the mode it hunted has been a taxable of statement for decades. It’s hard to conjecture the behaviour of an carnal that we lone cognize from fossils; based connected its skeleton, immoderate scientists person projected that Spinosaurus could swim, but others judge that it conscionable waded successful the h2o similar a heron. Since looking astatine the anatomy of spinosaurid dinosaurs wasn’t capable to lick the mystery, a radical of paleontologists are publishing a caller survey successful Nature that takes a antithetic approach: examining the density of their bones. By analyzing t...

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