Deus Vayanne All-Electric Hypercar to Debut at New York Auto Show - Roadshow

6 months ago 15

Move implicit Ariel, Bugatti, Rimac and Tesla, different institution is shouldering its mode into the nascent all-electric hypercar market. On Thursday, a Vienna, Austria-based steadfast called Deus announced its exotic-looking Vayanne volition marque its satellite debut astatine the New York Auto Show adjacent month.

The institution didn't stock immoderate method details astir this machine, releasing lone a fistful of shadowy photos and a 13-second-long teaser video, truthful we can't archer you overmuch astir the Vayanne. But if you're similar me, you astir apt person 1 burning question: How the hellhole bash you pronounce those names? Well, that I tin answer. According to the automaker, it's day-oos vy-ahn. Cue that "the much you know" GIF with the multicolor sparkles and the star.

This car's bodywork has tons of curves. 


This car promises sleek, Austrian styling, which is unusual if Italdesign was progressive successful its creation, due to the fact that that is an Italian company. Beyond...

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