Does Ketanji Brown Jackson Think Babies Are Racist And Other Not Exactly On Point Questions From The US Senate

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WASHINGTON — The 2nd time of Ketanji Brown Jackson’s Supreme Court confirmation hearings focused arsenic overmuch connected wide governmental grievances and the civilization wars arsenic it did connected Brown arsenic an individual.

Topics ranging from Sept. 11 to racist babies were invoked by Republicans arsenic they attempted to necktie Jackson to left-wing activistic movements, portion Democrats lauded her arsenic a fair-minded and impartial judge.

Sen. Ted Cruz asked Jackson astir the New York Times’ 1619 task earlier launching into an extended league astir captious contention mentation and which books are taught to children successful K–12 schools. At 1 constituent helium work respective passages from children’s books and asked Jackson if she believes babies are racist. (She said no.)

The ground for Cruz’s questions was Jackson serving connected the committee of trustees for the Georgetown Day School successful Washington, DC. Jackson said her relation did not power the program and seemed perplexed by the full enactment of questioning.

“I person not reviewed immoderate of those books,” said Jackson. “They don’t travel up successful my enactment arsenic a judge, which I’m, respectfully, present to address.”

A main enactment of Republican enquiry progressive Jackson’s sentences of radical convicted of possessing kid enactment maltreatment images. At 1 point, Cruz work aloud from a printed motion containing a Jackson punctuation successful bold font discussing “less-serious" offenders. Jackson responded that, arsenic the motion itself showed, the punctuation was a question to a witness, not a connection of her beliefs.

Brown spent overmuch of Tuesday pushing backmost against charges of being brushed successful sentencing radical convicted of possessing kid enactment maltreatment images. “These crimes are horrible. I instrumentality them precise seriously,” she said.

Republicans and Democrats alike questioned Jackson astir her judicial philosophy. A cardinal speech happened aboriginal successful the hear...

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