Elite National Guard claim their CONTRACTS prevent them from leaving Russia to fight in Ukraine

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Now Putin's backstage service are excessively frightened to combat successful the Ukraine: Elite National Guard assertion their CONTRACTS forestall them from leaving Russia

  • A twelve soldiers from the Russian National Guard refused to deploy to Ukraine
  • They were dismissed aft they refused to transportation retired Putin's orders to travel
  • The 12 soldiers argued their subject contracts lone applied to Russian territory 

By Rachael Bunyan For Mailonline

Published: 15:35 GMT, 25 March 2022 | Updated: 18:42 GMT, 25 March 2022

Soldiers successful the Russian National Guard person refused to combat successful Ukraine, prompting Moscow to occurrence them connected the spot.

The 12 soldiers refused to transportation retired Vladimir Putin's orders to question to Ukraine astatine the commencement of the penetration aft they argued their subject contracts lone applied to Russian territory.

The members of the National Guard - known arsenic Putin's backstage service - said determination was nary ineligible ground for them to beryllium deployed to Ukraine, according to quality rights lawyer Pavel Chikov.

'The refusal to transportation retired the bid was explained by the fighters of the Russian defender arsenic illegal,' Chikov said successful a station connected Telegram, according to The Times

Soldiers ...

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