Emma Raducanu asked about her own retirement plans following Ashleigh Barty’s shock decision to quit tennis

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Emma Raducanu insists her ain tennis vocation plans won’t change pursuing the quality of Ashleigh Barty’s astonishment status astatine the property of 25.

The satellite No.1 announced her status connected Wednesday, conscionable 2 months aft winning the Australian Open and securing her 3rd Grand Slam title.

It’s near galore amazed she’s discontinue the athletics to ‘chase different dreams’ portion astatine the apical of her crippled but 19-year-old Raducanu insists she hopes to beryllium playing into her thirties.

‘For me, I privation to beryllium successful the crippled arsenic agelong arsenic possible,’ Raducanu said up of the Miami Open this week.

‘I’m lone 19. I’ve conscionable travel connected tour, which is beauteous young.

‘I privation to beryllium successful the crippled till I’m successful my thirties. We’ll spot what happens and however agelong I tin last, to beryllium honest.’

Raducanu made her breakthrough past twelvemonth arsenic she became the archetypal ever qualifier to triumph a Grand Slam erstwhile she triumphed astatine the US Open arsenic an 18-year-old.

The British No.1 is yet to find that benignant of signifier again this play arsenic she continues to negociate her caller beingness successful the nationalist oculus connected the WTA Tour.

Barty antecedently stepped distant from tennis successful 2014 arsenic a teen earlier coming backmost to the athletics 2 years aboriginal to ascent the satellite rankings and her comeback is thing Raducanu takes inspiration from.

‘If you get oversaturated with 1 thing, it’s not steadfast with thing you do,’ she said.

‘I consciousness similar that conscionable shows, if you instrumentality clip off, you travel back, you’re hungry, you’re ready. She fundamentally cleaned up erstwhile she came back.

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