Eric Schneiderman Says He’s Changed. Is That Enough?

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Eric Schneiderman paced around his prewar Upper West Side flat successful what helium would aboriginal telephone a “crazed bunker mentality,” trying to marque consciousness of the past fewer days.

As New York’s lawyer general, Schneiderman had been a leader to liberals nationwide for his starring relation successful the anti-Trump resistance. That changed erstwhile the New Yorker reported that aggregate women had accused him of carnal and affectional abuse. Within hours, Schneiderman learned his longtime rival, then-governor Andrew Cuomo, had ordered a transgression investigation, aft which Schneiderman felt compelled to resign.

Since past helium had cloistered himself inside, taking covert location calls from his psychiatrist and hiding from the reporters who camped retired successful tract chairs connected the thoroughfare below. His lawyers instructed him not to marque immoderate nationalist statements, but privately helium obsessed implicit the injustices helium felt helium had suffered, from the article, which helium thought was unfair, to the governmental allies who had hastily abandoned him. As Schneiderman stewed successful denial and resentment, helium got a connection from a friend, Anna Graham Hunter, that shook him retired of his bitter reverie.

On May 7, 2018, the time Schneiderman’s beingness changed forever, Hunter was sitting astatine her computer, wrapping up an article for the Hollywood Reporter astir however immoderate #MeToo “silence-breakers” were struggling aft coming forward.

She was 1 of them. “Why person I been truthful angry?” she wrote. “Shouldn’t I beryllium feeling amended present that my communicative is ...

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