Europe's New Rules to Curb Big Tech Seek to Transform Messaging Apps - CNET

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Europe's caller integer rules volition interaction tech giants.

Jaap Arriens/NurPhoto via Getty Images

Europe reached a cardinal milestone Thursday successful the renegotiation of its rules governing the tech industry, announcing statement connected the upcoming Digital Markets Act betwixt the European Parliament and EU subordinate states. The authorities amounts to an overhaul of antitrust rules successful Europe and volition springiness the EU much powerfulness to rein tech giants.

The foremost illustration of this is the attack to messaging apps. The DMA volition necessitate companies with messaging apps to marque them interoperable. This includes the biggest messaging apps successful the world, specified arsenic Meta's WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger and Apple's iMessage. Meta and Apple volition beryllium obliged to guarantee radical utilizing these services tin speech messages, photos and videos among each messaging apps, some large and small.

This could airs a analyzable tech situation for companies, ...

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