Even a Mild Concussion Could Cause Long-Term Problems

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March 16, 2022 -- At property 32, Carole Starr, a Maine-based teacher and nonrecreational musician, was successful a car mishap and had a concussion.

"Everything successful my beingness changed," she says. She became highly delicate to sounds and had to springiness up playing successful an orchestra and singing. She besides developed problems with her reasoning skills. “When I tried to teach, I looked astatine the acquisition program I had written, but it didn’t marque consciousness anymore."

Starr consulted respective wellness attraction professionals who dismissed her symptoms, arsenic she had a "mild" concussion. "The archetypal neurologist said to maine -- pardon the connection -- ‘Get disconnected your ass and get a job.’ He didn’t recognize that I was desperately trying to spell backmost to enactment and failing miserably."

She is not alone. A caller survey published successful Neurology dispels the conception that "mild" concussions person nary lasting interaction connected intelligence skills similar thinking, remembering, and learning.

The results suggest that problems with reasoning and representation a twelvemonth aft a concussion “may beryllium much communal than antecedently thought, though it’s reassuring this happens lone successful a number of these patients," says pb researcher Raquel Gardner, MD, of the University of California, San Francisco.

Long-Term, Chronic Effects

The survey followed radical with a mild concussion, besides called a traumatic encephalon wounded (TBI), for a twelvemonth aft their injury, measuring their reasoning and representation with aggregate tests. The survey compared 656 ...

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