Federal Prosecutors Opened Their Case In The First Jan. 6 Trial By Painting A Texas Man As A Mob Leader

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WASHINGTON — As Guy Reffitt made his mode up a acceptable of stairs extracurricular the US Capitol connected Jan. 6, not turning backmost arsenic Capitol Police officers deployed pepperballs, projectiles, and chemic spray, helium served arsenic “the extremity of the mob’s spear,” a authoritative told jurors connected Wednesday.

With the assemblage finalized the nighttime before, Assistant US Attorney Jeffrey Nestler began the 3rd time of Reffitt’s proceedings — the archetypal successful the Justice Department’s Jan. 6 prosecution effort — with the government’s opening presentation. Nestler told jurors that though the Wylie, Texas, antheral wasn’t accused of going wrong the building, Reffitt showed the assemblage astir him a way guardant and created the accidental for them to overwhelm police, each portion helium was carrying a holstered pistol connected his hip. Reffitt became, successful his ain words, the “match” that lit the fire, the authoritative said.

“This mob was determined to physically forestall Congress from gathering wrong the Capitol gathering that afternoon,” Nestler said. “A mob needs leaders.” Reffitt, helium said, stepped up to “fulfill that role.”

Nestler did not walk clip connected the broader governmental discourse surrounding the insurrection oregon the afloat grade of the unit that took place. There was nary notation of erstwhile president Donald Trump by name. The authoritative spoke mostly astir the onslaught connected the Capitol and the information that Reffitt was 1 of galore radical who came to DC due to the fact that they were “upset” astir the election.

Nestler did punctuation astatine magnitude from a signaling captured by a camera attached to a helmet that Reffitt wore passim the time connected Jan. 6; helium apologized to the assemblage for the connection helium was astir to use. Reffitt started the time astatine the Ellipse by the White House earlier moving to the Capitol. The statements included:


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