Finance guru Queenie Tan shares EXACTLY how she's investing in 2022 

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How to boost your savings this year: Finance guru, 25, whose savvy skills person led to a $500K nett worthy reveals EXACTLY however she's investing successful 2022

  • Finance adept Queenie Tan has shared what she'll beryllium investing successful this year
  • The 25-year-old has a combined nett worthy of $500K with her partner, Pablo 
  • The brace from Sydney program to put successful speech traded funds (ETFs) and stocks 
  • Queenie added she besides wants to put successful unsocial experiences and travel  

By Carina Stathis For Daily Mail Australia

Published: 00:49 GMT, 25 March 2022 | Updated: 07:18 GMT, 25 March 2022

With the cost of living rising successful Australia owed to inflation, a young concern guru has shared what she plans to put successful this year.

Queenie Tan, from Sydney, has an awesome combined net worth of $500,000 with her spouse Pablo - which is the full of the pair's assets.

In her latest YouTube video, the 25-year-old elaborate precisely what she invests in, the level she uses and her strategy erstwhile investing during unprecedented times.

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