First Microsoft, then Okta: New ransomware gang posts data from both

6 months ago 30

A comparatively caller entrant to the ransomware country has made 2 startling claims successful caller days by posting images that look to amusement proprietary information the radical says it stole from Microsoft and Okta, a azygous sign-on supplier with 15,000 customers.

The Lapsus$ group, which archetypal appeared 3 months ago, said Monday evening connected its Telegram transmission that it gained privileged entree to immoderate of Okta's proprietary data. The claim, if true, could beryllium superior due to the fact that Okta allows employees to usage a azygous relationship to log successful to aggregate services belonging to their employer.

Gaining “Superuser” status

"BEFORE PEOPLE START ASKING: WE DID NOT ACCESS/STEAL ANY DATABASES FROM OKTA," the Telegram station stated. "Our absorption was ONLY connected okta customers."

Okta co-founder and CEO Todd McKinnon said connected Twitter that the information appears to beryllium linked to a hack that occurred 2 months ago. He explained:

In precocious January 2022, Okta detected an effort to compromise the relationship of a third-party lawsuit enactment technologist moving for 1 of our subprocessors. The substance was investigated and contained by th...

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